The territory of Umbria, encircled by Tuscany, Lazio and the Marche is small but varied: 8456 square kilometres sketched out by rolling hills, impressive mountains, green valleys, fertile plains, lake basins and majestic rivers. It is perfectly placed in the middle of Italy. The climate is sunny. The winters are quite short and the summers are hot.

This land of greatness offers to tourists plenty of opportunities and starting points. It is a land of historical, artistic, cultural, natural greatness: a rich and diversified offer, which each of you can transform with his own capability to discover a personal itinerary (I can help you if you want).This rich environment and landscape is protected and valorised by seven regional parks. There are the Valleys and the Mountains of the National Park of Mounts Sibillini, with centres where the past history is still visible, with their fortifications, their striking Romanesque churches, their hermitages, their ancient abbeys, their mills, their stone bridges over the waterflows, their towers which superbly command over the whole territory.

And there are the towns, Assisi, Perugia, Orvieto, Todi, Gubbio…. rich of history, ancient mediaeval buildings, with frescos and paintings in every church and museums with paintings of the most famous Italian painters.

Hills and mountains, vines , olive yards and woods create the perfect scenery for the gastronomy of Umbria : homemade pasta with truffles, extra virgin oil, cheeses and ham, lentils, red potatoes, lamb, wild boar…

Important events attract thousands of visitors every year: Umbria Jazz, the Festival of two Worlds in Spoleto, the Sagra Musicale Umbra , the Festival of Nations; Corsa dei Ceri in Gubbio, the Quintana in Foligno. Umbria is a region on a human scale and you will surely want to come a second time.