We strive to maintain the genuine and ancient Umbrian agricultural traditions. The origin of which dates back to the Etruscan period.

From the hill of the farmhouse you may appreciate many views including:

Century-old olive trees which are well-distanced to ensure the best solar irradiation; thus producing an excellent extra virgin olive oil with low acidity. This oil is amongst the best in the region, with a delicate taste, finely fruity and round and emerald green in colour, obtained by cold extraction from olives harvested at their peak.

– A red grape vineyard, “ungrafted” and considered a rarity now. It was selected for the production of “Colli Martani” DOC wine due to its ruby red colour, and a harmonious and dry flavor.

– Rows of aromatic white grape vine “Malvasia di Candia” planted in the farmhouse decades ago. These produce an extraordinary wine of golden yellow colour, with a pleasant sweet aroma of Muscat.

– Centenarian grape plants “Trebbiano Spoletino” married to the maple trees, where a distinguished white wine is produced, with a yellow -gold colour, well balanced, with an intense flavor.

– The cultivation of sunflowers. Their growth is so fast that it is almost miraculous. This huge flower is always chasing the sun, and can easily reach two meters in height. They give an oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids, (especially linoleic acid and oleic acid), this giving it nutritional value and a good shelf life.

– The land covered in fruit trees with the pond, the woods and the oak trees where you can find wild animals such as wild boars, hares, ducks, woodcocks and pheasants.

Everything has been taken care of to ensure our guests a “full immersion” into Umbria, a region characterized by rolling green hills rich in history and traditions, already inhabited in prehistoric times by the Umbrians and the Etruscans, then became part of the Roman Empire.

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